Efrain Lopez:

Former Google Maps Product Tech Support

Google – 2014-2022

Associates degree in computer programming

Have experience in:

  • Google’s proxies and digital footprints.
  • Google Business Profile internal optimization.
  • Human intent search pattern behaviors analyst
  • 20 Years experience in local SEO.
  • Strategic citation building.
  • Internal website structuring for local traffic.
  • NFC internal coding. (Near Fear Communication)
  • Custom website for service providers.

I bring a wealth of expertise as a former Google Maps Product Tech Support. I specialized in investigating and addressing reported fake Google Business Profiles. My role involved ensuring the integrity of business listings. Additionally, I possess significant experience in leveraging the powerful landscape of Google Maps to optimize business rankings, offering valuable insights that can propel businesses to the top of search results. Let my expertise be an asset to your business.