How do Tap Verified work?

How it Works:

Present your NFC Review card to your customers or clients. With our advanced embedded NFC technology, all they need to do is tap your card to their phone. Instantly, they’ll be directed to the Google Review form where they can share their feedback about your business.


  1. Present your card to the customer/client.
  2. Your customers tap or scan the card.
  3. Your Google Reviews page opens seamlessly.
  4. Your customers leave you their reviews effortlessly.

If you are using TripAdvisor or Trustpilot, it will take them to your profile so they can leave their review. 

Note: For iPhones, scan on the top part of phone’s back beside the camera, whereas for Android, scan at the middle of the phone’s back.


Will my card work right away?

Yes! Unlike other NFC cards providers where they want you to download a software, learn how to use it to properly program your link to the card. This why we ask for your desire link that you want so we can program it for you. Hassle FREE!

What if they can't tap?
NFC Cards can only be read by NFC-enabled devices (smart phones). Most newer iOS / Android devices are NFC-enabled by default, some devices require the user to turn on their NFC reader manually. Please make sure that the device you tap is NFC-enabled.

Note: Your card will also come with a QR code where it could be scanned.

Customer needs to be logged in?
Yes, 85% of people are already logged in to Google, so it’s a breeze.
How do I find my Google review link?

Simply watch this video> Click here.

How long before you ship?
We ship within 24Hours. You should receive your purchase between 4-6 days. All products are shipped with tracking number for your peace of mind.
How does your refund work?

Unlike other NFC card providers who want a full explanation with proof, we don’t. Simply send us your card back and you will get a refund. We do ask why the dissatisfaction so we can improve on whatever it was that made you unhappy.

Still have questions? Not a problem. Click here.

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