How to get your reviews on the spot!

  1. Tap your card to the reviewer’s phone.
  2. A prompt will apear asking the reviewer to click on it.
  3. The prompt will take them striaght to Google to collect their review!

That’s it! Rinse and repeat. Easy.

Black NFC acrylic google review stand


Enhance Your Online Reputation with Ease

Introducing our cutting-edge Black NFC acrylic google review stand – your secret weapon for boosting your online reputation effortlessly. These sleek, modern stands are designed to simplify the process of collecting reviews from your valued customers and clients.

📱 Seamless Mobile Interaction: With our Black NFC acrylic google review stand, your customers can conveniently leave reviews by simply tapping their smartphones to the stand. No more tedious searching or complex steps – it’s quick, intuitive, and hassle-free.

📷 Effortless QR Code Scanning: Alternatively, they can effortlessly scan the QR code displayed on the stand, instantly connecting them to your review platform. It’s a straightforward process that encourages more reviews from satisfied customers.

Elevate your business by making the most of customer feedback. Choose our Black NFC acrylic google review stand for a seamless and effective way to gather valuable reviews that build trust and drive sales.

About your review link:

Please Note: On the note section of the checkout page, leave your review link so we can program your acrylic stand.


How it Works:

Present your Black NFC acrylic google review stand to your customers or clients. With our advanced embedded NFC technology, all they need to do is tap their phone to the stand. Instantly, they'll be directed to the Google Review form where they can share their feedback about your business.


  1. Present your stand to the customer/client.
  2. Your customers tap the stand.
  3. Your Google Reviews page opens seamlessly.
  4. Your customers leave you their reviews effortlessly.