NFC Table Tap


Introducing Our NFC Table Tap

Introducing our cutting-edge NFC tabletop Tap, the ultimate solution for effortlessly collecting Google Reviews with just a tap! Unlike its credit card-sized counterpart, this sleek device boasts a slightly larger design for enhanced visibility and user-friendly interaction. Equipped with a secure 3M tape, it stays firmly in place whether you choose to keep it stationary or take it on the go. Elevate your business’s online presence and customer engagement with the convenience and style of our NFC tabletop Tap – the perfect blend of form and function!

About your review link:

Please Note: On the note section of the checkout page, leave your color of choice/ Black or White.


How it Works:

Present your NFC Review card to your customers or clients. With our advanced embedded NFC technology, all they need to do is tap your card to their phone. Instantly, they'll be directed to the Google Review form where they can share their feedback about your business.


  1. Present your card to the customer/client.
  2. Your customers tap the card.
  3. Your Google Reviews page opens seamlessly.
  4. Your customers leave you their reviews effortlessly.